Academic staff
Dimitrios Psaltopoulos


Ph.D in Rural Economic (1995); Rural Economics Division, University of Aberdeen, UK. Title of Thesis: Input-Output Analysis of Scottish Forestry Strategies.
M.Sc in Agricultural Economics (1989); Agricultural Economics Division, University of Aberdeen, UK.
BSc. in Economics (1988); Department of Economics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.


Experience - Academic Positions

September 2020 – date:
Professor, Department of Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

June 2013 - August 2020:
Professor, Department of Economics, University of Patras.

2009 – June 2013:
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Patras.

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Patras.

Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Patras.


Research Interests

Development Economics
Structural Economics
Development Policy Impact Analysis
Quantitative Methods – General Equilibrium Models


Publications - Conferences

Psaltopoulos, D., Wade, A. J., Skuras, D., Kernan. M., Tyllianakis, E. and Erlandsson, M. (2017). False Positive and False Negative Errors in the Design and implementation of Agri-environmental Policies: A Case Study on Water Quality and Agricultural Nutrients, Science of the Total Environment, 575, 1087-1099.

Schuman, I., Edmeades, S., Shamsiev, B., Gerber, D., Treguer, D., Christiaensen, L., Sehgal, M., Swinnen, J., Psaltopoulos, D., van der Celen, P., Garrone, M. and Ameye, H. (2017). Agriculture for Jobs and Growth in the Western Balkans. Report No. AUS19883. Agriculture Global Practice, The World Bank, Washington DC.

Edmeades, S., Tuchschneider, D., Deisadze, S., Gelashvili, S., Katsia, I., Mamardashvili, P., Psaltopoulos, D. and Giannakis, E. (2020). Analysis of Public Spending in Agriculture in Georgia. Agriculture and Food Global Practice, The World Bank, Washington DC.

Mauri, S., Psaltopoulos D. and Tsekouras, D. (2021). Raising Agricultural Productivity. In World Bank, Kosovo Country Economic Memorandum: Gearing Up for a More Productive Future. World Bank Group: Washington DC.

Varangis, P., Edmeades, S., Stoppa, A., Sinabell, F. and Psaltopoulos, D. (2021). Agricultural Risk Management Strategic Framework for Greece. ECA Sustainable Development - Agriculture and Food Global Practice. The World Bank: Washington DC.

Gkatsikos, A., Mattas, K., Loizou, E. and Psaltopoulos, D. (2021). The Neglected Water Rebound Effect of Income and Employment Growth, Water Resources Management,

Wade, A.J., Skeffington, R.A., Couture, R.M., Erlandsson Lampa, M., Groot, S., Halliday, S.J., Harezlak, V., Hejzlar, J., Jackson-Blake, L. A., Lepistö, A., Papastergiadou, E., Riera, J.L., Rankinen, K., Shahgedanova, M., Trolle, D., Whitehead, P. J., Psaltopoulos, D. and Skuras, D. (2022). Land Use Change to Reduce Freshwater Nitrogen and Phosphorus Will Be Effective Even with Projected Climate Change, Water, 14, 829-858.

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Courses Taught

Development Economics

Environmental Economics (co-teaching)

Macroeconomics I

Economic Development Policies (co-teaching)

MSc. In Economics: Regional Economics (co-teaching)

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