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Panagiotis Gkorezis
Associate Professor


Bachelor: Department of Economics, Master: Lancaster University, Phd: Department of Economics


Experience - Academic Positions

Adjunct Lecturer, Hellenic Open University

Research Interests

High Performance Work Practices, Leadership, Non verbal communication, gamification, overqualification, empowerment, humor in the workplace


Publications - Conferences

Gkorezis, P., Georgiou N., Nikolaou I. & Kyriazati A. (in press), Gamified or traditional situational judgement test? A moderated mediation model of recommendation intentions via organizational attractiveness, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.
Gkorezis, P. (2020), Supervisor positive humor and employee job performance: a moderated mediation model of work enjoyment and suspicion of the supervisor. Humor: International Journal of Humor Research, 33(4), 603-623.
Gkorezis, P., Erdogan, B., Xanthopoulou, D. & Bellou, V. (2019), Implications of perceived overqualification for employee's close social ties: The moderating role of external organizational prestige. Journal of Vocational Behavior. 115.
Gkorezis, P., Georgiou, L. and Theodorou, M. (2018), High performance work practices and nurses’ intention to leave: the mediating role of organizational cynicism and the moderating role of human resource management-related educational background. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29(3), 465-484.
Gkorezis, P., and Kastritsi, A. (2017), Employee expectations and intrinsic motivation: work-related boredom as a mediator. Employee Relations, 39(1), 100-111.
Gkorezis, P., Bellou, V., Xanthopoulou, D., Bakker, A. and Tsiftsis, A. (2016), Linking football team performance to fans’ work engagement and performance: test of a spillover model. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 89(4), 791-812.
Bellou, V. and Gkorezis, P. (2016), Unveiling the link between facets of nonverbal communication and leader effectiveness: A moderated mediation model, Human Performance, 29(4), 310-330.
Gkorezis, P. (2015), Supervisor support and pro-environmental behaviour: the mediating role of LMX, Management Decision, 53(5), 1005-1022.
Gkorezis, P., Petridou, E. and Xanthiakos, P. (2014), Leader positive humor and organizational cynicism: lmx as a mediator, Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 35 (4), 305-315.
Gkorezis, P. and Petridou, E. (2012), The effect of extrinsic rewards on public and private sector employees’ psychological empowerment: a comparative approach, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 23(17), 3596-3612.

Chapters in books

Gkorezis, P. and Theothorou, M. (2016), High-performance work practices in the healthcare sector, in Effective methods for modern healthcare service quality and evaluation, pp. 16-44, IGI Global.
Bellou V., Xanthopoulou D., and Gkorezis, P. (in press), Organizational change and employee functioning: Investigating resources as boundary conditions, in The impact of organizational change: Coping resources and strategies. Routlege.

Indicative Publications in conference proceedings evaluated by a system of judges

Gkorezis, P., Georgiou, K., Nikolaou, I. & Perperidou, S. (2019), Game-Based assessment vs situational judgment test: applicant outcomes through a moderated mediation model, European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, May-June, Turin, Italy.
Gkorezis, P., Erdogan, B., Xanthopoulou, D. & Bellou, V. (2018), Implications of perceived overqualification for employee’s close social ties, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August, Chicago, USA.
Tsafarakis, S., Gkorezis, P., Genitsaris, E., Nalmpantis, D., Andronikidis, A., Altsitsiadis, E. (2018), Investigating the preferences of individuals on Public Transport innovations using the Maximum Difference Scaling method, Transport Research Arena Conference, April, Vienna, Austria
Gkorezis, P., Bellou, V. and Petridou, E. (2015), The impact of work overload on academics’ intention to leave Greece: A moderated mediation model, Presented at the 31st European Group for Organization Studies Conference, July, Athens, Greece.
Siachou, E. and Gkorezis, P. (2015). The relationship between role ambiguity and organizational agility: The moderating role of organizational tenure, Strategic Management Society, St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Siachou, E., Gkorezis, P. and Israilidis, J. (2014), Empowering leadership and organizational ambidexterity: The mediating roles of knowledge sharing and employees’ ignorance, Presented at the 14th European Academy of Management Conference, June, Valencia, Spain.
Gkorezis, P., Christodoulou, A. and Petridou, E. (2012), The association between relational identification and employee outcomes, Presented at the 12th European Academy of Management Conference, June, Rotterdam, Holland.
Gkorezis, P. and Petridou, E. (2011), Organizational extrinsic rewards versus social extrinsic rewards: A comparative approach on their impact on employees’ psychological empowerment, Presented at the 11th European Academy of Management Conference, June, Tallinn, Estonia.
Xanthopoulou, D., Gkorezis, P., Bellou, V., and Petridou, E. (2016), Organizational justice matters for employee functioning in changing environments: A study of Greek organizations in times of financial recession, 12th European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference, Athens.
Petridou E., Bellou, V. and Gkorezis, P. (2015), Antecedents of academic migration, Presented at the Narratives of the crisis: myths and realities of the contemporary society, Thessaloniki.

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